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Paul P. Arellano MD
Minimally Invasive Spinal Access 
Dr. Paul P. Arellano is a board certified minimially invasive spinal access surgeon. He has had advanced training and decades of experience performing the most complicated approaches in both primary and revision spinal surgeries. With the remarkable advances that have occurred in spinal surgery the incisions are rarely made directly in the back. In order to minimize the amount of damage to normal tissue that is created during a spinal surgery the incisions are made smaller and at a point on the body that gives the most direct access to the area of damage. This has resulted in the need for surgeons who specialize in the approach. 

Spinal Access Surgeon

Medical Team

Hospital and Clinic Medical Staff



The medical staff that will be involved in your pre and postoperative care is too numerous to list in this small space . It includes the pre-op, intra-and postoperative nursing staff, anesthesia, X-ray technicians, Surgical technicians, spinal cord monitoring and others. The goal of all the physicians and staff is to make sure that you have a safe and pleasant experience.



Medical Staff

Spinal Cord Monitoring Technician



Intraoperative spinal cord monitoring plays an important safety role in minimally invasive procedures.  A technician and neurologist are responsible for carefully monitoring what are known as “evoked potentials” of the spinal nerves throughout many procedures.  Monitoring raises warnings that can allow surgeons and anesthesiologists time to find and address problems before damage occurs and reduce the risk of complications.



Monitoring Technician

Individuals who may be involved with your care.

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