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What is minimally invasive surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery is a concept not a specific procedure.


Minimally invasive surgery is any technique that accomplishes a goal such as removing a diseased gallbladder or appendix with less trauma to the patient. Innovative techniques and advanced technologies such as 3 dimensional imaging, specialized lasers, robots and miniature cameras have allowed surgeons to preform tasks through much smaller incision sites with less tissue damage and blood loss. These techniques have lead to shorter surgery time, less anesthesia, faster recovery and fewer complications for patients.


What minimally invasive spine surgery has allowed spinal surgeons to do is preform traditional spine surgery through much smaller incision sites, locate the damaged tissue or area causing pain quicker and with less damage to healthy back tissue. Specialized spinal cord monitoring insures safer procedures and better outcomes. Overall, with minimally invasive spine surgery, patients have less pain, spend less time in the hospital, recover quicker and return to work faster.

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