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Spine Procedures

Anterior Cervical Fusion

Cervical disc herniations are frequently treated with a cervical fusion.

Cervical Laminoplasty

A laminoplasty can give the spinal cord more space without the removal of the lamina.

Computer Assisted

Advances in technology make spinal surgery safer, more effective and less painful with faster recovery times.


Anterior Lumbar Fusion

An anterior fusion can be a simple and less painful approach to stabilizing the spine.


Lumbar Instrumented

The use of instrumentation can lead to a more rapid fusion and recovery

Minimally Invasive PLIF
Cervical Laminectomy

Cervical stenosis can be treated with a laminectomy to give the spinal cord more space.

Cervical Laminotomy

A laminotomy can be used to remove a bone spur from a nerve root with out removing the entire lamina.


Lateral Lumbar Fusion

If the spine is unstable and painful a fusion can add stability and remove the pain.


 Lumbar Laminectomy

Removing the lamina can give the spinal cord more space.

Lumbar Uninstrumented

Fusions can be achieved without the use on metal rods and screws.


Minimally Invasive TLIF
Percutaneous Disc Removal
Partial Discectomy
PLIF - Posterior Fusion
TLIF - Transforaminal Fusion
Vertebral Body Replacement
Scoliosis Instrumented Fusion
Thoracic Laminectomy and Instrumented Fusion
Thoracic Vertebral Body Replacement
Artificial Cervical Disc
Endoscopic Surgery
Artificial Lumbar Disc
Laser Augmented Surgery
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